Can't cancel subscription

I keep getting charged $49.95 each month the past 2 months for n Alexa credit, and then the Alexa credit is not added to my account. I’d like you to stop the charges to my card.

I will backcharge on my card if you guys don’t refund my $98.90

You do not have any Alexa purchases nor any purchases of $49.95 in your multimrweb@****.com account.

Please send us the payment reference number to

Sir , how to delete our Card details ??? i would like to remove my CC …please help me

You can do it in the Billing->Subscription page.

But it seems that you have multiple accounts, to consult on the topic we really need to see know the payment reference number or to see a receipt for the payment.

This is my only account

The answer was to earnthroughlink’s question