Buy 12x Mini credits, get one subscription for next month

I tried many times to buy 12 mini credits, but the panel was making me a subscription for 12xUltimate. Maybe I was clicked wrong. Of course, that is not a reason for Andrew from Chat to tell me “fuck off to another traffic site, we have thousand of clients here”. And then to disable my chat. Or it is…

Now I can purchase MINI credits but I am purchasing a SUBSCRIPTION.
I just want to buy 12 credits of mini NOW. Not a subscription. Not a future payment.


You’ve created 7 subscriptions, first of them was for 12xUltimate and all the others were for 12xMini.
You need to contact your bank or PayPal why the payments do not go through.

Subscriptions can be cancelled any time you want, even right after the first payment is done.

Please do not be offensive to our support, we do not tolerate phrases like "you are stupid. You charged me 720 USD" no matter how much money you pay.