Below 99 999 Rank

I bought Below 99 999 Rank last time and there was a problem when the project started. I stopped the project. I want to ask, I bought the Below 99 999 Rank, how should I use it?

After purchasing any kind of credit you just need to create a project for the traffic to start.

I have already purchased it. Just running for less than 10 minutes, the website has a problem, I stopped. I want to ask, how can I restart this project.

fostergallagher88, it is running again

I am using your services from last few months it is very nice and great i have some query regarding package
What is different between alexa and professional traffic package . What happened if i buy both what type of traffic you use in alexa package it is same or what ?

2nd thing i want make a affiliate website using your program.

Please reply here as soon as possible and am expecting affiliations details

Guaranteed Alexa Rank packages guarantee a certain global alexa rank
Professional packages guarantee a certain amount of traffic per month

You can use any of them and both of them according to your need.

Ok if i buy one alexa and one professional package than how much traffic you provide.

We cannot estimate traffic volume, it changes every day depending on your current rank.

If you want guaranteed traffic volumes or local alexa rank - please use our Professional projects.