20k instant visitors

I was trying to get a regular low amount of visitors over a month and suddenly with a blink of an eye, I had 20.000 visitors in a split second. That’s kinda stupid.

I think there is something wrong because that was not what I set the sliders to.

David, 19076 page views, not visitors, it was a fast Demo project, it is used only for Demonstration purposes.

visitors/pageviews - doesnt matter. The point is that i got 22K in a split second where I wanted them over 30 days.

Something went wrong and I dont know what happened. I am pretty sure I set the sliders correctly.

David, we’ve explained already the same in the chat and here: you’d activated a Demo project before you set up a Nano.
Look at the daily traffic reports, the spike lasted just a few hours as you instructed us to do by activating a Demo.