10 days and didnt get any traffic for project id: 675739

it been 10 days since I bought the economy large plan and still have not received any traffic on my analytics. please help

We’ve corrected your project, you should see the traffic in your Google Analytics now.
Please contact our customer support if there’s anything wrong.

Ive had the same problem, @sparktraffic i know your Bot has said,

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but i don’t feel that you have been kind or supportive to me, all i wanted was your help in setting up my campaign but your team rarely reply and the little times when i get a reply its very limited like one worded answers and no real support or explanation . i feel with great support, your site could be a grate tool to any online business. i was advised against using your services for this exact reason but I’m the kind of person that likes to make up my own mind.im just sad that you proved them right. project ID 678008

Phill, our apologies but is there anything you would like us to do for you ?
It is not much clear from your message.